Coolest thing at web20 so far

Stopped by cause they had iPhone demo. Secret sauces allows non nerds to format websites for mobile devices.

My mother started a blog – and she did it all by herself!

So my mother sends me an email asking to us to check out her cooking blog – she has 3 post now.

WHAT?  My mother – started a blog?  And she did not need my help!??!?!?  (Disclaimer: Both of my parents are very competent engineers, but when I gave her an iPhone as a gift, she could not figure out how to place or receive calls for 4 days.  My father has still not changed the music on the iPod I gave him several months ago, and his gift certificate to iTunes is gathering electronic dust in his inbox.)  Now here is my mother, asking me if I like her writing style, her content and would I help her increase traffic?  Web2.0 has gone mainstreet.


Of Burritos and Boolean

Last Friday  Jim Fenton treated me to lovely lunch.  Thank you Jim and next time its my treat.

Naturally our discussion wandered on to web2.0 technologies (my favorite thing) and security (Jim’s favorite thing.)  After a summer of kids, bbqs and poolside tanning sessions, it was a pleasure to talk shop with such a tech-savvy individual.  (And no I am not gushing – I am stating fact.)

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by Jim are his own and do not represent his employer.

Here is our takeaway:

(For all the fact-checkers out there, please rest assured if I misrepresent anything Jim will be the first person to comment.)

1- Twitter, facebook, wordpress (well it is paying the family bills) and Perez Hilton will tell me what I want to know anytime and anywhere. The monopoly on information and distribution channels by traditional media companies, highly-paid analysts, entertainment industries, and data warehouses has been broken by anyone with a connected device.  These mavericks are not interested in copyright or DMCA, but rather the propagation of their views: the more hits they get on their blog, the higher the their digg rating and the more rss feeds the better. (more…)