101 ways to cook zucchini… and counting

Every year I am surprised by the bounty in my garden.  One or two specific items take off, while others whither away.  Last year it was okra and basil.  Every three days we would have a bowlful of okra and our basil grew to a size of a miniature tree.  Luckily okra is a very versatile vegetable.  You can saute it, fry it, boil it, stew it, bake it and pickle it.  Some methods were more popular then others, but okra was well received at our table.

This year we have zucchini.

We get about one every few days, and as you can see they are big, bigger and biggest!!!  So far I have tried sautee, and frying; on the list are stuffed, baked, grated, pickled. Our much anticipated tomatoes are a dud.  The plants are gigantic, but the fruit has been foraged over by the local squirrel population or stays permanently green on the vine.  Corn was also underwhelming, we did get ears, but they were only a few inches tall.

Mother nature has her own rythme and reason when it comes to my garden, and it effects what we eat and how we eat it.  I am used to choosing the menu, and then getting the things I need at the store.  Even the most basic grocery store has rudimentary fruits and veggies.   With my garden things are very much the opposite, yields dictate whats for dinner and there is very little variety.

Creative cooking is must when herbs, eggplant, peppers and zucchini are our everyday garden staples.  And this year zucchini recipes are greatly appreciated.