Praying for rain

I have turned into a weather nut. Each time there is even a slight chance of rain, I have scrutinized the local radar sites, and plotted the trajectory of the oncoming clouds to see if possibly, this time we can get a few sprinkles. Ryan says I have turned into an old woman who is spends her whole time obsessing about the weather. But really you can not blame me, as this is the driest season on record for Central Texas. We have had two tornado watches, and numerous thunderstorm warnings, and untold number of thunderstorm watches issues by the powers that be; but none have produced more than 30 minutes of moderate rainfall. We hear thunder, see lightning, share the humidity, but are lucky to get a token sprinkle.

Until last night, last night we had lightening, thunder and rain!  It started at midnight and lasted until early morning.  Everyone but the kids got up and went outside to watch the storm from the porch.   After a while I went upstairs and fell asleep to the sweet sounds of raindrops striking a metal roof.  Beautiful.