Web2.0ing for a good cause

I am a boardmember of the AJC – Bay Area Chapter.  I consider them my good luck charm as during our association:  I met Ryan, had two children, got married and adopted “Aaya DOG!” (as my oldest call her.) I have been assisting them on redesigning their website to incorporate new technologies and web2.0 practices.  Its been a learning experience on both side, but with the support of the staff we have had traction in several key.

1- Shai Agassi event has turned into a viral marketing campaign with invites sent out via facebook, evite and this blog.

2 – A link to David Harris’s blog now sits on the main page.  Hopefully this will help drive traffic to his site.  This is a pet peeve of mine: people sending blog posts and website copy in emails.  Just please send the link referring people to the right place on the http://www.  The page owner, blog owners, advertisers, and people with bursting email boxes will love you.

3 – Jono (my main AJC contact) and I are using a prologue themed blog instead of IM.  Otherwise I would have to drive 60 miles one way and pay outrageous garage parking fees, or increase my cell phone plan to the outrageous minutes per month option.

Now we have a long way to go before the site is complete and our work is done, but I just wanted to give everyone at the AJC office a shoutout for getting on the latest and greatest technological bandwagon.