Ronan taking mom on an adventure.

Ronan and I (look up and in the middle)  60 feet above terra ferma.

Ronan and I (look up and in the middle) 60 feet above terra ferma.

we are boring!!!!

so its been about 6 weeks since chase was born. and i think that we are starting to settle into a routine and a new life…

– we have to get new baby-proof furniture… shelving, entertainment system you name it

– realized that i love the minivan. the other day we were able to fit: three adults, two carseat kids, strollers/baby paraphernalia and an entertainment system from ikea.

– we “eat out” about once per week, to introduce roni to restaurants. his restaurant behavior lasts for about 20 minutes so most of the time we are ready to leave as our food is coming. is that even considered eatting out?

and……. in my husbands mind….”why go out when we can sleep”

Mary had a f#&%ing little lamb

On Friday, Chase decided that he wanted out… right now. The contractions started at 5 am and by 5:45  I was singing expletive laced nursery rhythms. Upon hearing a very creative rendition of Mary had a Little Lamb, my husband started to get dressed – all on his own initiative.  (From previous experience he knew that Mary heralded the real deal.)  Four hour later Chase entered the world.

His brother, Ronan,  is absolutely fascinated with the latest addition. He likes to pat Chase on his hands, his head and show Chase his treasures.  I am so lucky to have such lovely boys.

We have set up a Boren family blog to showcase the whole family. Come an check it out.

the new meaning of tech toys

I just love this photo. R2 loves to play with the webcam and see his image on the computer screen. Apple’s Photo Booth allows me to take endless pictures of him in action.Tomorrow we are going to have a video chat with his grandparents so they can see him in action – if the computer gods are good to us. It took us three days to configure the webcams and find sw that will allow both voice and video to work with different operating systems (I have a macbook and they have windows pc.) We tried AIM, and Yahoo but we could not get voice and video to work seamlessly. With AIM we got voice but sporadic and blurry video. On Yahoo we got video but no voice. Finally we turned to Skype, and its awesome: easy to install, easy to use, and most importantly – it works every single time we make a call. For free consumer SW its awesome!

Hey fat lady, get off my baby boy!

As a mommy I thought I could handle everything and be prepared for anything. But nothing prepared me for seeing a big fat lady trip on her high heels and fall right on top of my darling, strapped into his baby carriage. We all stood frozen watching the whole thing happen in slow motion. He turned out to be fine, but I acquired quite a few grey hairs.

I really really really have nothing to wear!

two months after giving birth i have finally gotten around to figuring out my new cloth size. now i have the desire to drown my sorrows in whole tub of chocolate sorbet.

i just dont get it! since the baby was born, i have been taking care of an infant (and that is real workout.) if anything i should be even thinner and more muscular then before.

but i have decided to think positively: now i can shop til i drop for a new wardrobe. my first trial run at shopping mall with baby did not go as planned. i spent most of my time in the ladies room, either feeding him or changing diapers. also he has just learned how to hold his head up so now his favorite position is puedositting (that is being held upright); so for the remainder of the trip he was in either mine or my sister’s arms looking at the world. he slept for approx. 15 minutes and it was during that time that i was able to concentrate on clothes. i felt like i was in one of those game shows where the clock was running and i had a beat the buzzer to the finish line.

i am hoping next time i will have at least 20 minutes of actual shopping time. i guess practice makes perfect, and do have a whole wardrobe to buy!

that ellusive shot

we have been trying to get a photo of Roni sucking his thumb for days now and still no luck.  by the time we get the camera ready, all five fingers are away from the mouth.  but we are determined, so stay tuned.

My new toy…. and tech requirements for a hitech mommy…

I am now the owner of a glowing macbook in white. Its the best b-day present gaget a new mom can get. I have been able to synch it to my cell phone/pocket pc (Yahoo wigets and Yahoo dataphone features are awesome). I also love the builtin video, which I cant wait to try out via AIM with my sister and granparents. This way they can see the baby in realtime.

It amazing how my hi-tech requirements have changed with the baby. Mobility is key, since I dont always have ability to sit in front of the computer to check e-mail or surf the web. Video conferencing and streaming is a must on all laptops. Synching between all machines irregardless of platform is a no-brainer.

And if I was making a wish list for Santa of additional hi tech toys/apps:
Good verbal recognition sw….as typing with one hand on a qwirty keyboard totally sucks.
Baby monitors that send pictures to any wifi device.
Something that keeps baby socks on the feet and pacifiers that stick in the mouth.
Okay the last two are not hightech….


On October 10th I expelled a 7 pound boy. It was totally amazing or so they tell me as I was a heavily influenced by lots of good drugs, courtesy of the epidural man. Over the last two months I realized that, unlike those wimpy suspected terrorists, I can survive with sleep deprivation. At-least I will be fashionable, as raccoon circles and baggy eyes are in mode this year.

last weekend before d-day

he is coming on tuesday.  goodbye sleep, and hello diapers….  i cant wait to meet the little guy…. i wonder what he will think of his parents, pets, and the real world in general.