When we lose our way…

Our school has been implementing Covey’s 7 habits this year but we seemed to have lost our way.  The habits of thinking win-win, synergy, and seeking to understand are now ashes from the petty power struggles that are pitting parents vs leadership.  The results are disheartening: our staff turn-over is on par with Southside Chicago, our parent volunteers are evaporating, and discontent parties are publicly and privately sharing their humiliations and grievances.

The kids and teachers need to be commended that they are trying to stay focused on learning amongst all the chaos.

I support the school’s thinking “outside the box”and trying to incorporate new ideas and techniques into the curriculum.  It takes a special leader to have a vision, inspire the team and lead through implementation.  We consider Steve Jobs to be a great leader/innovator who changed the world.    I sometimes think his job was easier than an educator’s, because Apple’s revolutionary products are “things” and prior failures were considered “learning opportunities.”  In education, the product is my children’s future and its a one shot deal.

I am partnering with this district and school staff to educate my children… and its a 12 year commitment.  A successful partnership requires open communication, a rigorous vetting of ideas, a commonly agreed vision and (personally I am a stickler for) crisp implementation roadmaps. Today, I feel this partnership is not equitable; trust on both sides has disintegrated, the vision is hazy, and any debate is looked upon as sedition.

I want my children’s education to prepare them for a world that is seeing radical technical, industrial, social and economic shifts.  I appreciate that the school leadership is trying new pedagogical approaches to stay ahead of the curve.  I want our school and its staff to succeed.  I would just like to an open and rigorous discussion on how its going, and what the future will bring.

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