Howdy Y’all

We are now in the Austin Texas area.  We decided that it was best for our family to move sooner rather than later, so we made the move this summer.  We are now living in Dripping Springs, TX and so far I really like the small town feel.  Plus I love our house, there is room for everyone, its got an awesome floorplan, and the yard is amazing.  I am really glad to be here.

So here are some of my observations about Texas life.

– The vibe/buzz/atmosphere is not much different then the in the Bay Area.  I guess that weird is weird everywhere.

– The big Texas sky that you read about, is so true.  Where in California we have great stretches in blue water, here we endless swathes of blue sky.

– BBQ and grilling is a religious experience here.

– People here are incredibly polite and friendly.

– Iced tea, iced tea, and more iced tea.

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  1. Maya

     /  October 27, 2009

    mmmmmm, sweet iced tea.


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