Thank you Boxee, now I can give up cable

Like much of America, we decided to better understand our wants vs. our needs.

– I do not want cable tv; but I need Top Chef, General Hospital, Closer, House, Desperate Housewives, HGTV… well you get the idea.

– I do not want to be a slave to programming, but need to watch my shows late at night when everyone else is asleep.

– I do not want to pay for 400 channels of “nothing to watch,” and I need to not waste my TV time watching reruns and “When good pets go bad.”

With Boxee I can watch almost any shows on the internet, in full screen on my computer or TV, and use its integrated menu to switch between iTunes, Hulu, ABC, etc.  Right now its a sw download only, so having it work on a TV without Apple TV or another media box, requires some cables and hacking, but they will have a moderately priced box out soon (or you can have a geeky husband/wife who can hack something together.)

So good bye cable subscription, two cable box rental with DVR capacity and all those taxes and fees.  Hello Boxee sw, Hulu programming and reasonably priced iTunes episodes/subscriptions.  Even with the AppleTV box, we still come out ahead price wise.

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  1. Cindra Ford

     /  February 5, 2009

    I am amazed at how much in the last year, we as a family are watching tv over the internet. Our 4 yr old automatically looks to the mac for her entertainment needs.

    While we haven’t made the switch we have considered it.

    Good luck to you and Boxee and keep us posted.


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