Of Burritos and Boolean

Last Friday  Jim Fenton treated me to lovely lunch.  Thank you Jim and next time its my treat.

Naturally our discussion wandered on to web2.0 technologies (my favorite thing) and security (Jim’s favorite thing.)  After a summer of kids, bbqs and poolside tanning sessions, it was a pleasure to talk shop with such a tech-savvy individual.  (And no I am not gushing – I am stating fact.)

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by Jim are his own and do not represent his employer.

Here is our takeaway:

(For all the fact-checkers out there, please rest assured if I misrepresent anything Jim will be the first person to comment.)

1- Twitter, facebook, wordpress (well it is paying the family bills) and Perez Hilton will tell me what I want to know anytime and anywhere. The monopoly on information and distribution channels by traditional media companies, highly-paid analysts, entertainment industries, and data warehouses has been broken by anyone with a connected device.  These mavericks are not interested in copyright or DMCA, but rather the propagation of their views: the more hits they get on their blog, the higher the their digg rating and the more rss feeds the better.

2- Make no mistake, regardless of your actions or inactions, your information IS ALREADY ON THE INTERNET.  If you have a credit card it does not matter if you don’t make online purchases, because the bank who issued your card already keeps all of your purchases on some electronic database, connected via network and probably downloaded by its employees to an unsecured laptop.  To make matters even more scary for the conspiracy theorists, cloud computing (the new “Gossip Girl” of the internet) will drive even more of your information into datacenters run by companies like Google and Amazon.  This is not a bad thing and from a technological point of view, its even necessary to implement some really cool stuff for mobility, next-gen applications, etc.  But unless we find a way to make all the members of our family comfortable sharing information online, these amazing “level the playing field” technologies will continue to stay in the hands of a few highly-influential members of society.

Which bring us to…

3- Security: The winner will be the company that makes the average person comfortable making these technologies a main part of their daily routines.  Security specialists will need to go beyond firewalls, because the hackers are already there.  Security will need to understand not only where the information comes from, but security levels of the actual content: employees have personal blogs, corporate directory information can now be uploaded into linkedin, and corporate calendars are merged into family calendars on google.

Wow – That was alot of insight to be found between bites of tasty Mexican food.  Next time perhaps we will try Italian and I can not imagine what kind of geek talk that menu will inspire.

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  1. Apparently I am the first to comment, but no, you didn’t misrepresent anything.

    But who’s Perez Hilton? Guess I’m the wrong demographic…


  2. Perez Hilton is the new face of hard hitting reporting in today’s media – much like the national inquirer. 😀

  3. dianarss

     /  September 15, 2008

    perez hilton is the be-all-end all celebrity blogger who delivers the facts with quite a flar. check it out! actually quite hilarious and sadly very accurate 99% of the time… http://www.perezhilton.com


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