Its a bird! Its a plane!…..Its a flying pig!0!0!0

So I used to think that the National Inquirer was, well, not credible.  I mean they always have an alien next to a president, or some other wild new story on the cover.  Boy was I wrong.  It turns out that they are credible, and timely, and ACCURATE!!!!

I mean what is this world coming to?  No wonder no one is reading the traditional papers, but following the Colbert report.

I could say so much more – but I feel the tingling sensation of blog-rant-o-itis coming on.

As for aliens living among us- that explains so much.

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  1. Jim Fenton

     /  August 13, 2008

    You actually meant Weekly World News, didn’t you? They always had the best alien stories; I really miss looking at the cover when going through the supermarket checkout lines since they don’t publish a print edition any more!

  2. you are right. I miss the aliens.


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