of children and gray hair…oy veh

The other day Ronan tried to cut bread with a chef knife. Today he was able to turn on the stove and dishrag caught on fire. (Okay both grandmas should take deep breath, and try not to have anxiety attacks.)  I saw the whole thing, Ryan was called and dishrag was promptly put under running water.

My new gray hairs need to be colored pronto and more kids safety gear has already been ordered via express delivery from Amazon.

I am also realizing that children and not age that are the main culprits of premature graying/balding.

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  1. dianarss

     /  July 8, 2008

    awww Ronan is going to be emeril! SO CUTE!

    way to never call me back by the way. true to form, i am going to delete u out of my phone of these days!

    GUESS WHAT COMES OUT ON FRIDAY! we now can match like true sisters (minus the 6 inch disparity in height) MUAHS!


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