Its not easy being green!

Our latest PG&E bill was over $550!!!!!

So we are trying to conserve and so far its costing us BIG BUCKS.

– 1 new energy efficient heating/cooling system with new duct system. The original builder was shall we say, mathematically challenged, the original ducts and placement do not support the system we have or need.  This new system is 99% efficient.  We wanted to do geothermal but that was way to pricy.

– Energy efficient lighting in kitchen.  The 5 new ceiling lights draw less then a 60 watt lightbulb.  This is our dyi project… and I have to say its looking good.  But then I have to say that.

– Small vegetable patch, currently its mostly enjoyed by the local wildlife. Frankly I am so shocked that something blossomed,  I never even thought about upkeep and harvesting.

Next on my list:

– Hanging laundry to dry.  Finally found a spot that is not visible from the common areas or by my neighbors.

– Venting the attic.

– Finishing baseboards and stairs.  Sealing holes is a way of life.

– Attic fans.

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