Going shopping – in my garage

I must confess that I am addicted to babycenter.com financial bulletin boards. Most interesting suggestion so far: go shopping for things you need in your pantry, garage or storage. So this weekend I rolled up my sleeves and tackled the garage… or our very own family-sized Costco. Now when Ryan and I closed up the Petaluma apartment (over 2 years ago), everything that did not fit into the house was placed in the garage. And there it stayed, until our recent excavation.

Unearthed were:

– rice cooker

– 12 chamapge flutes

– wine decanter set

– two baby bags

– year’s worth supply of toilet paper

and piece d’resistance…… old shotgun shells left by previous owner (who seemed to have used his garage, as his very own family-sized Springfield Armory.)

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  1. Shotgun shells -> scary!

    Julia is full on nesting, and the basement is also in her sights.


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