our first bottle of 100 dollar chamapagne

so yesterday was a day of firsts

Ryan’s hard work and efforts made it into the WSJ and NYT (in addition to many other places.)

– it took two bookstore/starbuck trips to buy up all the WSJ and NYT that we wanted. (Ryan told us its ironic to buy newsprint so we can read about a blog company.)

– and of course the bubbly.

My darling – Congratulations! I am so happy and proud!

Congrats also to rest of the Automattic crew. You guys are visionary. How about we celebrate with BBQ at Chez Boren? (toddlers with interesting table manners and begging doggie included.)

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  1. Congratulations to you as well! We couldn’t do it without our families.

    • Yeah, front page sucks atm. I wrote some stuff up about it yesterday in GNOME bug #447773. That reeridct bug is interesting I might’ve b0rked something while setting up the test site for gnomejournal.org, which will be switching to WordPress too! Yay!


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