we are boring!!!!

so its been about 6 weeks since chase was born. and i think that we are starting to settle into a routine and a new life…

– we have to get new baby-proof furniture… shelving, entertainment system you name it

– realized that i love the minivan. the other day we were able to fit: three adults, two carseat kids, strollers/baby paraphernalia and an entertainment system from ikea.

– we “eat out” about once per week, to introduce roni to restaurants. his restaurant behavior lasts for about 20 minutes so most of the time we are ready to leave as our food is coming. is that even considered eatting out?

and……. in my husbands mind….”why go out when we can sleep”

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  1. Maya

     /  April 17, 2008

    We also caved and bought the dreaded mini-van or as I like to call it “white lightening”. I hate to admit it is super convenient and has quickly filled up with toys, blankets, stroller, cheerios and other baby stuff. We too are also looking for a baby-proof entertainment center but haven’t found one we like yet. Yesterday I found Priya with my blackberry doodling 2 inches over the toilet bowl.


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