the new meaning of tech toys

I just love this photo. R2 loves to play with the webcam and see his image on the computer screen. Apple’s Photo Booth allows me to take endless pictures of him in action.Tomorrow we are going to have a video chat with his grandparents so they can see him in action – if the computer gods are good to us. It took us three days to configure the webcams and find sw that will allow both voice and video to work with different operating systems (I have a macbook and they have windows pc.) We tried AIM, and Yahoo but we could not get voice and video to work seamlessly. With AIM we got voice but sporadic and blurry video. On Yahoo we got video but no voice. Finally we turned to Skype, and its awesome: easy to install, easy to use, and most importantly – it works every single time we make a call. For free consumer SW its awesome!

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