I really really really have nothing to wear!

two months after giving birth i have finally gotten around to figuring out my new cloth size. now i have the desire to drown my sorrows in whole tub of chocolate sorbet.

i just dont get it! since the baby was born, i have been taking care of an infant (and that is real workout.) if anything i should be even thinner and more muscular then before.

but i have decided to think positively: now i can shop til i drop for a new wardrobe. my first trial run at shopping mall with baby did not go as planned. i spent most of my time in the ladies room, either feeding him or changing diapers. also he has just learned how to hold his head up so now his favorite position is puedositting (that is being held upright); so for the remainder of the trip he was in either mine or my sister’s arms looking at the world. he slept for approx. 15 minutes and it was during that time that i was able to concentrate on clothes. i felt like i was in one of those game shows where the clock was running and i had a beat the buzzer to the finish line.

i am hoping next time i will have at least 20 minutes of actual shopping time. i guess practice makes perfect, and do have a whole wardrobe to buy!

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