My new toy…. and tech requirements for a hitech mommy…

I am now the owner of a glowing macbook in white. Its the best b-day present gaget a new mom can get. I have been able to synch it to my cell phone/pocket pc (Yahoo wigets and Yahoo dataphone features are awesome). I also love the builtin video, which I cant wait to try out via AIM with my sister and granparents. This way they can see the baby in realtime.

It amazing how my hi-tech requirements have changed with the baby. Mobility is key, since I dont always have ability to sit in front of the computer to check e-mail or surf the web. Video conferencing and streaming is a must on all laptops. Synching between all machines irregardless of platform is a no-brainer.

And if I was making a wish list for Santa of additional hi tech toys/apps:
Good verbal recognition sw….as typing with one hand on a qwirty keyboard totally sucks.
Baby monitors that send pictures to any wifi device.
Something that keeps baby socks on the feet and pacifiers that stick in the mouth.
Okay the last two are not hightech….

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