The Ying and Yang of Life

A famous author once wrote “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I know what he meant.

Over the last several months life has not ceased to suprise me. Some of the suprises have been wonderful, while others have been heart-wrenching. I can not imagine what comes next.

Over these months I have learned what is truely important in life. I have also learned who my friends are. I am truely suprised of who stepped up and who stopped calling. I am truly blessed with such supportive family and friends. And I have learned that life is so unpredictable, that I need to enjoy each and every moment as it comes.

This post sounds so blue and sad, I think that I will end it on a happy note. Late last week, something wonderful happened! When I think about it, it makes everything worthwhile. In fact just thinking about it, makes me smile.

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