the good, the bad and the ugly in my kitchen

Well the desserts for Thanksgiving were edible. Ahhhh! I made Emeril’s Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie and also my own version of French-Style Pear Tartlets. Both were tried by everyone, and some people even had seconds. I love Emeril! His recipes come out perfectly well the first time.

My success inspired me to create a birthday dinner for my family. I wanted to make honey and rosemary roasted lamb, rosemary flavored potatoes and non-dairy birthday cake. The preperation was flawless, but the bbq gremlins turned my beautiful lamb into lumps of charcoal. The potatoes also required lots of help with seasoning (which my sister provided.) Luckily my sister brought with her Indian food (she never did trust my cooking).

Mealtime itself was a interesting affair. My parents glared at me the whole entire time, grandma grumbled under her breath how this was not fit for human consumption, and my sister pleaded to order pizza. It would have been a true disaster but alcohol and cake did save the evening. I served an amazing red wine and a scrumptious champagne with the cake (I needed to drown my sorrows in something that night). I am not sure if the cake was that good, or if we were all that hungry, but only a small slice remained at the end of the evening.

I think that I will stick with baking from now on. I will just need to make sure that all the people in my life cook, and delivery services are on my speed-dial.

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